A non-profit helping women struggling with breast cancer

About Us

On April 1, 2008 we were diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. It was the worst April fools joke that could ever be played on anyone. My wife does not have a history of breast cancer in her family and she was only 45 years old when diagnosed! The only reason that the cancer was discovered was due to my wife having a mammogram! Thank God for mammograms!!

Adopt A Patient

Pink Hands of Hope is proud to announce our newest program, Adopt a patient!!

Basically our goal is to assist women as they are in the fight against breast cancer by raising money to pay their medical bills!

It’s easy and it will change a person’s life!


Pink Hands of Hope is now taking and selling quality used furniture!!!

We are now offering quality used furniture for sale! We are going to specialize in all wood and upholstered furniture. We have a wide selection of quality furniture with inventory changing almost daily!